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The wait for the perfect strobe clip on tuner is over. Did you know that the absolute beginner as well as a seasoned pro can benefit from a high quality tuner? By having your instrument perfectly in tune you naturally sound better no matter what your skill level, and when the instrument sounds better then practice is more enjoyable. The Crescendo ZenStrobe is engineered for quality and priced for everyone.EXTREMELY ACCURATE PITCH- forget manual tuning. With TRUE STROBE technology the vibration sensor has super quick response and is accurate within +/- .10 cent. With 1/10 cent accuracy it is among the most accurate tuners on the planet. You can hear the difference. With the ZenStrobe, you may pay a little more, but you get a LOT more.
BRIGHT EASY TO READ COLOR ELECTRONIC DIGITAL LCD SCREEN- for use in all lighting settings. Virtually unbreakable and fits easily in your accessories case.
FOR THE DISCRIMINATING PRO- high quality for all pro musicians and those who aspire to be. The ZenStrobe offers simple operation and quick precision.
FEATURES- Automatic shut-off, 360 degree rotation for front or rear headstock position, sturdy clamp w/ soft silicone rubber to protect your instrucment. Compact for light travel. Battery included.
3 YEAR WARRANTY- the ZenStrobe is built to last, but if you ever have a problem with it, Crescendo will replace it at no charge

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