Watch Chris Pratt Show Off His Essex Accent After Revealing Wife

It feels like almost every week Chris Pratt does something new that makes us fall in love with him even more. But this week’s edition of ‘reasons to love Chris Pratt’ even managed to throw us for a loop, as we never thought we’d be praising the Jurassic World star for his spot on Essex accent!

Chris PrattWho knew? Chris Pratt does a pretty spot on Essex accent.

Appearing on BBC Two’s ‘The Graham Norton Show’ on Friday night, Pratt revealed a hidden talent that would be sure to leave even Joey Essex gobsmacked. Sitting next to Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law and comedian John Bishop, the hunky American actor explained he’d been watching ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ while filming in the UK.

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“We love that garbage TV back in the States,” Pratt told the audience. “When I was here filming Guardians Of The Galaxy my wife (actress Anna Faris) came out to visit and she fell in love with ‘The Only Way Is Essex.’”

The actor then took a second out of his story to tell fellow American McCarthy that ‘TOWIE’ was Britain’s ‘Jersey Shore’. “And these folks are just like the worst,” Pratt continued. “And I’m a parrot a little bit, and so when I hear it all the time I just started picking it up… I could pick up their accent and do it, a little bit.”

“This is really embarrassing to do in front of a whole room full of Brits here but I’ll try it anyways,” the actor said, before launching into a near perfect Essex accent, complete with a TOWIE-style monologue.

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Pratt’s unexpected skills left the other guests applauding in amazement and caused comedian Bishop to tell the action star, “I love the fact that you spent months in Britain and that’s what you took back.” Pratt will next be hitting the big screen, minus the Essex accent, in Jurassic World, which opens in theatres on June 12th.

Watch Chris Pratt show off his Essex accent on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ here:

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