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Premium Quality Well Designed Guitar Capo

Conforms perfectly to your fender, Gibson, Martin, Takamine, Taylor, Yamaha or any other make of guitar fretboard
maintaining perfect intonation at all times. Designed with high density quality Silicone padding that grips and protects your instrument with fast
single-handed change from fret to fret. Stays in tune with no painful fret buzzing and holds firm with the mechanically designed spring action.
Custom design bridge pin puller added to the end of the capo handle as a handy accessory. Compact but built to last for years of use, it doesn’t matter
if you are a professional session musician, classical guitarist or just love to play at home this capo suits all needs. Clamps easily to your headstock ready
to be used when needed, always delivering that professional clean buzz free tone all musicians require. This is a quality capo not to be missed.
You also are guaranteed Certain Ways exceptional customer service with every product purchased from us.

Make sure you get yours now while stocks last by simply clicking the “Add to Cart” button at the top for fast delivery.ELEGANT CONCISE DESIGN – Mechanics theory design for that perfect fit. High quality Silcone Padding
NO FRET BUZZ – For that nice clean professional sound everytime. Fits 6 & 12 String
GUITAR BRIDGE PIN PULLER – Handy bridge pin puller designed on the end of capo saves you money
DURABLE STRONG ALLOY – Lightweight but built to last with LIFETIME WARRANTY. Heavy duty steel spring
FAST ONE HAND QUICK CHANGE – Built for simple fast movement from fret to fret for best performance

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