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The unique Nuvo plastic reeds are designed to help beginners and are suitable for the Nuvo DooD and the Nuvo Clarineo. They are extremely durable and should last up to 10 times longer than a cane reed if looked after. Nuvo reeds do not require wetting before playing and will produce a good tone right from the start of the lesson or practice session. They also have a positioning rib which helps the student to correctly position and secure the reed on the mouthpiece. The small wallet contains 3 reeds all the same strength. The No.1 is very soft and suitable for an early beginner. It is particularly suitable for the Nuvo DooD but can also be used on the Nuvo Clarineo. The Clarineo, being a larger instrument can more easily use the No. 11/2 or No. 2 reed. Available in one color, translucent gray.Durable plastic Clarinet reeds suitable for beginners
Available in 1 colors
100% washable

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