Tori Spelling Ready for Baby No. 5? ”The Shop’s Not

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Dean McDermott is determined to set the record straight. 

The 47-year-old father and his wife, Tori Spelling, have often found themselves on the receiving end of criticism as they continue to bear all on their controversial reality show True Tori. From reports claiming the couple has blown through $ 18 million to McDermott defending himself after his infamous cheating scandal, the pair has faced endless scrutiny—and it has certainly taken its toll. 

Spelling was most recently hospitalized as the couple’s financial woes continue to make headlines—Tori said in a recent episode that she doesn’t want to change her lifestyle, despite having 127 storage units and paying for five private schools—and when McDermott sat down with E! News, he explained why he and his wife are struggling financially, despite their apparent success in Hollywood. 

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“Kids are expensive, and we have five of them, so that in of itself is hard to keep up,” he said. “It’s coming in and it’s going out. There’s obviously financial pressures, we’re in a feast or famine business—your last gig could be your last gig.”

While Spelling has previously admitted that she “can’t seem to let go of [her] expensive tastes,” McDermott blames the couple’s money woes on lack of work and bills from their big family. “So we were off for two years, we weren’t really working for two years since Home Sweet Hollywood and this [True Tori], so, you know, that takes its toll,” he said. “But it’s always there. If you have a big family, your financial issues are always going to be there.” 

Viewers also saw the couple fight this season after Tori asked Dean to get a vasectomy following his affair, and while the Dean ultimately opted out of the procedure, the scene spurred the question: Does the pair plan to have more children? 

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“We’ve kind of joked about it, but obviously that was a serious conversation,” McDermott said, referring to the couple’s vasectomy debate. “Barring Tori’s health…the shop’s not closed, as crazy as that may sound. We love our kids, we make beautiful babies and we love a big family so not going to say no, not going to say yes.” 

Meanwhile, Tori has been released from the hospital following her recent health scare. “She’s on the mend,” Dean shared. “She’s not 100 percent. She was taken down by bronchitis, sinusitis and pneumonia, so she really got a one-two punch. It knocked her down pretty hard, so she’s, you know, trying her best. And all the kids are great. They’re thrilled to have her home, so that’s what’s really important—having her home and getting her back to perfect health.” 

As for the future of True Tori as the two continue to fight off criticism? Watch the clip to hear McDermott’s thoughts! 

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s roller coaster romance

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