Update: 5:56PM With extended Mark Hamill reaction and Rian Johnson, Gareth Edwards, Diego Luna and Gary Whitta tweets The Star Wars family immediately began expressing their reactions today to the death of Princess Leia; the wry, beloved Carrie Fisher who passed away at the age of 60. Fisher reprised her role as the Rebel royal in last year’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 32 years after playing the role in 1983’s Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. 

After tweeting out earlier today “no words #Devastated”, Mark Hamill posted a longer, more personal reaction to the passing of his friend and Star Wars co-star saying “She was OUR Princess damn it” and that “She played such a crucial role in my professional & personal life, & both would have been far emptier without her.”:

Episode VIII director Rian Johnson tweeted out his thoughts; Anita Busch reported today that the actress already wrapped her scenes for next Christmas’ Star Wars movie:

Also tonight, Rogue One director Gareth Edwards, who tapped Fisher’s 1977 image in his prequel, tweeted the following:

Earlier today, Star Wars creator George Lucas released the following statement: “Carrie and I have been friends most of our adult lives.  She was extremely smart; a talented actress, writer and comedienne with a very colorful personality that everyone loved.

In Star Wars she was our great and powerful princess – feisty, wise and full of hope in a role that was more difficult than most people might think.  My heart and prayers are with Billie, Debbie and all Carrie’s family, friends and fans.  She will be missed by all.”

Harrison Ford expressed, “Carrie was one-of-a-kind…brilliant, original.  Funny and emotionally fearless.  She lived her life, bravely…My thoughts are with her daughter Billie, her mother Debbie, her brother Todd, and her many friends. We will all miss her.”

Said Steven Spielberg, “I have always stood in awe of Carrie.  Her observations always made me laugh and gasp at the same time.  She didn’t need The Force.  She was a force of nature, of loyalty and of friendship.  I will miss her very much.” Spielberg co-starred in The Blues Brothers with Fisher. He also is known for his second unit contribution on Revenge of the Sith. 

“Carrie holds such special place in the hearts of everyone at Lucasfilm it is difficult to think of a world without her.  She was Princess Leia to the world but a very special friend to all of us.  She had an indomitable spirit, incredible wit, and a loving heart.  Carrie also defined the female hero of our age over a generation ago.  Her groundbreaking role as Princess Leia served as an inspiration of power and confidence for young girls everywhere. We will miss her dearly.” – Kathleen Kennedy, President, Lucasfilm

“Carrie Fisher was one-of-a-kind, a true character who shared her talent and her truth with us all with her trademark wit and irreverence. Millions fell in love with her as the indomitable Princess Leia; she will always have a special place in the hearts of Star Wars fans as well as all of us who were lucky enough to know her personally. She will be sorely missed, and we join millions of fans and friends around the world who mourn her loss today,” said Bob Iger, chairman and chief executive officer, The Walt Disney Company.

On a personal note, Alan Horn, the chairman of Walt Disney Studios, was at Castle Rock, when he became acquainted with Fisher while producing When Harry Met Sally in which she co-starred:

“My heart goes out to the members of Carrie’s family, friends and legions of fans. She was an extraordinary woman, highly intelligent and just plain funny. She will be missed.”– Alan Horn

Force Awakens’ lead star Daisy Ridley who shared Episode VII scenes with Fisher and embarked on a PR tour of the film last year at this time with the actress, said, “Devastated at this monumental loss. How lucky we all are to have known her, and how awful that we have to say goodbye.”

Rogue One‘s Jyn Erso herself, Felicity Jones, expressed to Deadline, “Such devastating news. I never met Carrie but consistently heard how profoundly sharp and witty she was. Her maverick spirit will be missed by us all.”

Episode IX director tweeted out:

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