Someone Wore A Hulkbuster Costume To Comic Con, And It Was

Comic Con returned to New York last week, which meant everyone from superheroes to cartoon characters were roaming the streets and subways. 

As expected, the costumes were awesome, but one person in particular stood out — Thomas DePetrillo, who dressed as the “Iron Man Hulkbuster.”

“The project of the hour is a Hulkbuster suit, which is a particular suit of armor that Iron Man wears in the “Avengers 2: Age of Ultron,” said DePetrillo in a YouTube video that shows him creating the costume. “This is the single largest, most domineering thing I’ve ever done in my life.” 

DePetrillo said the 9.6-foot costume took him two years to build and over 1,600 hours of work in total. Judging by the response he got at Comic Con (and all over the Internet) — it was time well spent. 

“I see something on a screen, or in anime or TV show or a comic book — I’m frequently thinking, ‘Can I make that?'” DePetrillo said in the YouTube video.

To learn more about how DePetrillo created the costume, head to Extreme Costumes or watch the video below: 

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