So, Kim Kardashian Rented Out Staples Center For Kanye

The typical birthday involves maybe a nice meal and some presents that come from the heart but aren’t actually all that useful or cool. Kanye West’s birthday is not the average birthday.

And so, Mrs. West, otherwise known as Kim Kardashian, decided to do something a bit more impressive to celebrate Kanye’s special day on Monday. Like rent out Staples Center so the 38-year-old rapper and all his buddies could act like they were Lakers or Clippers or something for a day.

Basically everyone was there, according to TMZ: Russell Westbrook, John Wall, Justin Bieber, James Harden, 2 Chainz, etc. Even John Legend was there singing happy birthday in what honestly looks like a bit of an awkward scene.

There was an NBA finals cake, and Kanye West blowing out an NBA finals cake, and Kim Kardashian taking a photo of Kanye West blowing out an NBA finals cake.

Seems fun. Supposedly it all cost Mrs. West $ 110,000. Oh, and Kylie Jenner was there too, just chilling. Normal day, you know?


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