Last night’s Alec Baldwin-hosted Saturday Night Live wasn’t entirely Trumpian. The episode had a few stand-out, non-political moments, beginning with Baldwin’s jokes-on-me monologue.

Marking his record-breaking 17th time as host, Baldwin launched into a nostalgic trip through episodes past, from his 1991 debut through Schweddy Balls and beyond. Cast member Pete Davidson was impressed, but mostly by Baldwin’s former youthful beauty: “Were you, like, so mad when you stopped looking like that?”

Watch the clip above.

The episode went for cultural criticism with “Russell Stover,” a faux-commercial for the candy maker’s ill-conceived faux-product: chocolates for Black History Month. A clever idea, and props to the props department or whoever designed those offensive little sweets.

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Last in the non-politics line-up is Alex Moffat’s Weekend Update visitor, a “Guy Who Just Bought a Boat.” If the void left by Jason Sudeikis & Kristen Wiig’s “Two A-Holes” needs filling, Moffat is the guy for the job.

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