Eddie Redmayne Admits He “Literally Stalked”

von Rebecca Macatee |  Rebecca Macatee 28. Januar 2015 – 06:17

Eddie Redmayne isn’t one of those actors who is too cool to get starstruck.

In fact, on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Oscar nominee and Theory of Everything star said he feels “like a kid in a candy store” at all the celeb-packed awards shows he’s been frequenting lately. The 33-year-old Brit added that it’s “endlessly exciting” and “completely surreal” coming face to face with “all these people you’ve long admired.”

Of course, some celebrity encounters are more exciting than others. Eddie recalled the “pretty breathtaking” moment at the SAG Awards when Julia Roberts presented him his Best Actor award. “My dad’s favorite film is Pretty Woman, so I think as a kid, at a pretty inappropriate age, I was watching Pretty Woman,” he said. “So, this moment happens when your name gets read out and it’s such an extraordinary euphoria and it’s kind of white noise and it all kind of goes into a blur, and then suddenly, there I was sort of hugging Julia Roberts, and then I was meant to be articulate. All I could think of was, ‘I want to tell my dad!'”

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The father and son later “had a long conversation” about Eddie’s meeting with Julia, he said with a laugh.

Sometimes, though, celebrity encounters don’t happen on their own, and in those situations, Eddie’s not afraid to take matters into his own hands! “My wife and I love Friends,” he began. “We saw Jennifer Aniston at a party, and we were just incredibly inappropriate. We so wanted to meet her that we just sort of literally stalked about four meters behind her for an entire evening.”

“And eventually, she was sort of like, ‘OK?’ and we got to meet her,” he said.

So…was Jen equally excited to meet Eddie and his wife, Hannah Bagshawe, or was she annoyed? Maybe even a little freaked out? Watch the clip above to find out!

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