Selena Gomez Reacts to Kanye West’s Controversial Lyrics

We’re thinking it may be safe to put Selena Gomez on Team Taylor Swift right about now.

When Kanye West dropped songs from his new album T.L.O.P. late last week, much attention was put on the single “Famous.”

“I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why, I made that bitch famous / God damn / I made that bitch famous,” he rapped on the song. As you can expect, many people in the pop superstar’s squad had a few thoughts on the track. 

“Everybody has their own opinion,” Selena shared on SiriusXM Hits 1. “At the end of the day, you can just do what you do.”

But what about Kanye’s claims that he made the “Shake It Off” singer a superstar?  “She’s killing it and she kind of always has been,” Selena added.

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The show of support for Taylor certainly shouldn’t come as a surprise to true fans. After all, this is the pair that stars in the same music videos and may “eventually” write a song together.

But if you need further proof, we can’t help but remember when Austin Swift decided to post a video of himself throwing out a pair of Yeezy sneakers in the trash after hearing the new track. “Getting a head start on some spring cleaning,” he wrote on Instagram. “Here we go.”

A Tumblr user fortunately caught and captured Selena liking Austin’s post with Martha Hunt liking and agreeing, “Yesssssss.”

Ultimately, Kanye assures fans that he “called Taylor” and “told her about the line.” The fashion designer and rapper even said she “thought it was funny.” As for Taylor’s camp, they argue his tweets aren’t completely accurate. 

“Kanye did not call for approval, but to ask Taylor to release his single ‘Famous’ on her Twitter account. She declined and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message,” her rep said in a statement to E! News Thursday night. “Taylor was never made aware of the actual lyric, ‘I made that bitch famous.'”

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