Olivia Pierson Suggests Barbie Blank’s Fiancé Is a

von Brett Malec |  Brett Malec 17. August 2015 – 08:30

These ladies’ claws are out, and the show hasn’t even started yet!

On tomorrow night’s premiere episode of E!’s new series WAGS, a girls’ night out turns into a drama-fueled fight when Olivia Pierson calls Barbie Blank‘s fiancé a potential cheater.

“Olivia are you dating someone right now?” Ashley North asks the single reality star. “No,” she replies.

“Hold on, hold on!” Barbie interrupts. “I have an NHL player!”

“Ew! No,” Olivia says in disgust. “My first boyfriend was a hockey player, not doing it. He was a cheater, I can’t.”

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“Are you saying that all hockey players are cheaters?” Barbie, who is engaged to an NHL star, asks.

“I’m just saying my experience, I’m not doing it,” Olivia replies coldly.

In her confessional, Barbie rants, “If you’re gonna cheat, you’re gonna cheat. So for her to just specify and say all hockey players cheat, that f–king makes me so angry.”

“Are you insinuating that my fiancé’s a cheater?!” Barbie asks Olivia point black.

So what happens next? What the clip to see what drama unfolds!

Watch the premiere of WAGS Tuesday, Aug. 18 at 10 p.m., only on E!

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