John Stamos Is Really Not Holding Back Today — Find Out How He

von Lauren Piester |  Lauren Piester 27. April 2015 – 21:52

Tell us how you really feel, John Stamos.

The Full House star already spoke up this morning about the Olsen twins claiming they weren’t approached about the Full House reboot, and now it appears he has some feelings about Lifetime’s unauthorized Full House tell-all movie.

Full House TV movie on @lifetimetv??” he tweeted this evening, along with a link to a story by The Hollywood Reporter. “Hmmmm—yeah right, good luck with that.”

Lifetime confirmed the news of the tell-all movie this morning. The TV movie will be in the same vein as that very interesting Saved by the Bell movie they did back in September, with the same writer and everything. Since we both loved and hated The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, we both love and hate the news of a similar treatment being given to Full House, especially given the fact that Full House is actually being rebooted on Netflix.

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That reboot, however, was made a little less sweet by the news that the Olsen twins will not be involved. They had claimed to Women’s Wear Daily that they hadn’t even been approached by Stamos or anyone else involved with the show before the announcement of the reboot was made, but apparently that wasn’t true.

“I call bulls—t,” Stamos tweeted late last night, along with a link to a story about the Olsens’ alleged surprise.

Multiple sources confirmed to E! News that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen definitely knew that the project was happening, so Stamos’ bulls—t meter seems to be one we can count on.

We would love to hear more of Stamos’ thoughts about all things Full House, authorized or unauthorized, so count this as our official invitation for him to be our drinking buddy whenever this Lifetime movie actually airs.

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