Jason Sudeikis Reveals His Valentine’s Day Plans for

von Mike Vulpo |  Mike Vulpo 26. Januar 2015 – 19:31

Brace yourself, Olivia Wilde! Your fiancé has some clever and unique plans for Valentine’s Day.

Actually, Jason Sudeikis may not have given the special day much thought until E! News chatted with the Sleeping With Other People star at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend. Luckily, the beloved actor still had some creative ideas.

“I feel like every day is Valentine’s Day in our relationship,” he explained to E! News at the Eddie Bauer Adventure House. “I’ll give her the gift of gab. Just a little talking points.”

He added, “I’m going to hop on Amazon February 12. Just Amazon Prime that son of a gun right to our doorstep. I’ll probably get her a sewing machine.”

LOL! Just play along with the funny guy, would ya?

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“That makes sense,” co-star Allison Brie joked. “We love that or a vacuum cleaner or a humidifier.” Sexy? Maybe not. But practical? Absolutely yes!

In Sudeikis’ defense, the former Saturday Night Live star is a little on the busy side. In addition to promoting his latest comedy also starring Amanda Peet and Adam Scott, the actor is now a proud father.

When asked about his baby boy Otis Alexander Sudeikis, Sudeikis couldn’t help but light up when describing his cuteness.

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“He smiles a lot. I would say any looks he’s got going—I feel like he’s a real cute little guy—that’s Olivia’s doing,” he shared. “And then him smiling is both of us because we’re really lucky.”

And with both parents having a little extra help and support from their sisters, baby Otis can count on plenty of love all day, every day.  

“He’s surrounded by love 24/7 and 80 percent of it is female based,” he admitted. “So I think he’ll turn out to be a really good guy. I’m excited to see who he is.”

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