Blue Whale Interrupts TV Presenter At Exactly The Right Moment

This whale might want to consider a job as a stand-up comedian. Its comic timing is simply spot-on.

Zoologist Mark Carwardine had been filming a segment for the TV show “Big Blue Live” when he launched into a speech about how difficult and challenging it can be to spot blue whales in the wild.

“We’ve spent all day since first light looking in one of the world’s great hotspots for blue whales. Haven’t seen a thing,” he says to camera. “Being whales, they’re spending most of their lives underwater, out of sight, so we could be going right by them and have no idea they’re there.”

“It just makes it so challenging, and it’s quite exciting in one way, but it’s very frustrating in another. You know they’re here but you just jolly well can’t find them.”

It seems someone heard you, Mark.

“Oh look, there is one,” Carwardine says, laughing and pointing at a blue whale that had suddenly appeared near the TV presenter’s boat. “Talk of the devil.”

Blue whales are the largest animal ever known to have existed. The International Union for Conservation of Nature considers blue whales an endangered species. Only 10,000-25,000 individuals now live in the wild.

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