At the risk of overstating, I think we can all agree that tonight’s second 2016 Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was one for the ages. See the Deadline live blog for just how intense and, at times, postively weird things got.

Trump’s sniffing, Hillary’s jabs, the crazy lack of focus, and that’s not including the biggest question mark hanging over the event, Trump’s Friday night pledge to make old Clinton conspiracy theories front and center. Which he did, but even if that didn’t quite work out as planned, it’s understandable that everyone, left right or center, was nervous beyond belief going into the battle. Fortunately, right at the end the whole country came together to celebrate a fellow citizen, ending the event on an almost conciliatory note. (More on that below).

Of course, Deadline wasn’t alone, as celebs took to Twitter to comment in medias res while it was going down. Read on for a sample.

Before things kicked off, there was considerable shade thrown Donald Trump’s way.

Some called attention to some of the more… idiosyncratic coverage.

Of course stress was a theme.

As was the elephant in the room – Trump’s impossible to believe comments recorded on a hot mic in 2005.

Meanwhile, the moderators – Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper – were nearly universally praised for keeping the candiates within their time limits and, in the case of Trump, on topic.

Trump’s rather meandering style and frequent topic changes also came under discussion.

But as with all nailbiter games, an unlikely hero emerged, in this case the unassumaing and, presumably, very nice Ken, who asked the final question of the night about energy policy. His demanor and fashion sense – I want that cable knit sweater – immediately endeared him to Twitter. Within minutes the hashtag #Kenbone was trending, even though some buzzkills made fun of him. Fortunately, Patton Oswalt was around to defend his honor.

Others weighed in as well.

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