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This 5.1 Digital HDMI Amplifier has over current protection, short circuit protection and over voltage protection. It has 10 preset radio stations. The VFD display has high reliability and can prove a clear display. The Input Selector: 4 in 1 out HDMI Selector, 3 Stereo RCA Selector, 1AM/FM Radio, 1 MP3/iPhone, 2 Microphone input. And output is:5 Channel Speaker Output Terminal for L, R, center, SL, SR, and line out for subwoofer.

* Power Consumption:250W
* Bass Control: ±14dB(100Hz)
* Treble Control: ±14dB(10KHz)
* Frequency Response:20Hz~20KHz
* Max Input Capability:700mV
* Distortion:<1%
* S/N:100dB
* HDMI: 2160P/4K
*Power Input: 120V 60HzHDMI (2160P/4K) ARC 5.1 Channel
Output power: Front(50W*2),Center(50W*1),Surround(50W*2)
4 HDMI input ports and 1 HDMI output port for HDTV& Compatible with 3D pass through
2 MIC input-Treble and bass of MIC adjustable& Independent MIC volume control
Built-in AM/FM radio&10 Preset radio stations

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