Britney Spears has traded in her trademark long blonde curls for a sleek and sophisticated bob cut as she now embarks on a more serious business venture: a designer lingerie label named The Intimate Collection.

Britney Spears at lingerie launch in Germany
Britney’s new do is both smart and elegant

It’s not the first time the ‘Work B***h’ singer has made headlines with her hair choices, but we can definitely share our approval with this one. She absolutely screamed maturity and elegance as she displayed her new do at CentrO shopping mall in Oberhausen, Germany, where she was snapped by photographers posing alongside her brightly (although scantily) clad underwear models. Coupled with her latest hairstyle, she also donned a white trouser suit in true entrepreneurial style, though still kept things sexy with a sheer lace top underneath.

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The popstar recently unveiled her latest fashion venture in London, where she admitted it would be a dream come true to see female icon Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (informally known as Duchess Kate) in her lingerie collection – though we honestly can’t imagine a situation where Spears would even find out what kind of underwear Kate was wearing. ‘I’m going to send her one of every piece’, the singer excitedly the Daily Mirror. ‘So she’ll have plenty to choose from.’ She’ll be lucky not to receive a polite note of refusal from the future Queen, however, as she is well known to wave away endorsements of this kind.

Britney Spears and models at lingerie launch in Germany
Britney would love to see Duchess Kate in her designs

On a more likely level, Spears also knows which fellow pop artist she’d want endorsing her products. ‘I’d love to see Gwen Stefani modelling my collection’, she added. ‘I think she’s very cool and sexy.’

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The Intimate Collection has not yet been unleashed unto the public, but it is expected to be set at an affordable price with pieces ranging from $ 17 to $ 79.

Watch Britney Spears at ‘The Intimate Britney Spears Show’ during New York Fashion Week:

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