Armie Hammer’s Baby Meets the Easter Bunny—See the

von Samantha Benitz |  Samantha Benitz 3. April 2015 – 17:08

Just look at that smile!

Armie Hammer and his wife, Elizabeth Chambers Hammer, just celebrated another adorable milestone with their 4-month-old daughter. The TV hostess took to Instagram to post a darling photo of their little one with a big smile across her face as she sat in the Easter Bunny’s lap for the first time.

“Happy 4 month birthday to this little bunny! #HarperHammer,” captioned the 32-year-old mother of one.

Unlike many young babies who get nervous or cry when meeting their favorite icons, Harper looks at ease about getting in the holiday spirit. The celebritot actually appears to be enthusiastic about getting close to the fluffy blue-eyed rabbit. Too cute!

For the delightful pic, the Hammer’s decided to dress up their daughter in a pale pink dress with white frills. 

Cutest celeb kids on Instagram

The Hammers’ little girl was first welcomed to the world on Dec. 1 of last year and it looks as if the dashing duo is enjoying parenthood. 

Just a few months ago, the brunette bombshell took to Twitter to share an image of her family soaring high in the sky on a helicopter. 

Harper was seen yawning in her dad’s arms, taking the whole experience nonchalantly—even though that was her very first flight.

We can’t wait to see more of Harper’s charming reactions in the future!

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