Cara Delevingne Snuggles Up to the Cutest Lion Cub Ever, Proves

von Lily Harrison |  Lily Harrison 23. Januar 2015 – 16:31

Cara Delevingne‘s next modeling co-star is something else.

The model-of-the-moment was seen posing next to several furry friends, including a fully grown lion and a cute little cub, during the press conference announcing that she’s the new face of Tag Heuer watches.

Delevingne didn’t appear to be at all nervous about posing with the four-legged creatures, and joked with E! News that she was told to not “make big movements.”

And when asked if she’s ultra-aware of time lately, what with her crazy hectic schedule and her new modeling contract, the Brit revealed that she tries not to think too much about the future and does her best to stay in the present.

Cara Delevingne’s fashion campaigns 

“My life has gone so quickly because I do so much,” she told E! News. “I want to inspire people, young people especially, to follow their dreams.”

She added that she hopes her fans know that they too “can do anything they put their minds to.”

Cara Delevingne’s funny faces

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