Ariana Grande Teases Her First Fragrance on Instagram, While

von Lindsey Sirera |  Lindsey Sirera 23. Juli 2015 – 13:39

Smells like good day to be in the pop star perfume biz!

Amongst her many musical and acting accolades, Ariana Grande is adding perfumer to her resume. The 22-year-old unveiled a sneak peek of her first-ever fragrance, Ari by Ariana Grande, on Instagram today.

“It smells like a dream,” a voice-over of Ariana’s Instagram video whispers.

Packaged neatly in a pink bottle with a white puff ball, the femme scent incorporates hints of fruits and flowers with musk and wood undertones and a hint of marshmallow (sorry, no hints of hot glazed donuts in there). 

Ariana Grande’s best looks

“I’m so excited for all my fans to see the Ari bottle – I worked closely with the team and the designer to create a bottle that represents everything I love. It’s beautiful, feminine and flirty all at the same time,” Ariana shared. “The pom-pom is just an added wink that makes me smile every time I use the fragrance.”

Ariana’s not the only pop sensation with a new scent coming soon, with Katy Perry stepping up with her fourth fragrance to hit the market. Note, there’s one key difference about the Forbes No. 3 top paid celeb’s new Mad Potion scent—KP’s using Twitter to sell it.

With its very own handle, @KatyPerryPopUp, the Twitter-verse can add-to-cart for a budget-friendly $ 30 a pop. And given Katy’s 73 million followers, the social-media marketed fragrance is well positioned to become a top-selling scent. Boss move, KP, boss move. 

Katy Perry’s wildest concert costumes

Also note, Katy’s rocking a sweet purple hair hue while promoting her new fragrance, which—surprise—perfectly match the singer’s Mad Potion perfume bottle. The rock star’s not afraid to sport a colorful palette of hair hues (green, blue, red; you name it, she’s done it). But look closely, and the singer’s punchy purple hair looks like it may be a wig.

Eager to get your hands on these ladies’ new scents?  Ariana’s perfume comes this September, and Katy’s Mad Potion fragrance is available on Twitter now! 

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