WTF Was Pregnant Annalise Up to on How to Get Away with Murder

Grey’s Anatomy

So how do you follow up an episode like last week’s horrifying masterpiece? With a precocious child, an incredibly dangerous surgery, some secret sexy times and a clever Meredith-led framing device apparently! Tonight was pretty classic Grey’s, but it also took some interesting steps forward. 

Meredith spent the episode talking to a therapist about all the crap she’s been through so he could deem her fit (or not) to go back to work. She got emotional over the fact that everyone keeps leaving her, whether they’re dying or actually leaving, but eventually came around to realizing that she was surrounded by people who loved her during her entire recovery. The therapist even broached the topic of her and Alex, and Mer laughed him off. 

Speaking of Alex, he met a young teen who had her own ideas about how to remove the tumor in her chest. Alex’s plans weren’t good enough for her, so she fired him and ended up with a 3-D printed sternum from Callie. 

While Callie ended the night with a celebratory makeout session with Penny in the stairwell and Maggie continued to get it on with her intern friend, Jo and Alex were continually on and off. While Meredith has done nothing but encourage Alex to be with Jo while denying any feelings for him, we couldn’t help but notice the expression on her face as Alex and Jo exchanged a kiss in the carpool at the end of the episode. Things might be getting complicated, just like our feelings on this potential pair. 

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The best part of tonight’s Scandal was obviously the major bonding between Olivia and Mellie as they worked on the First Lady-turned-Senator’s autobiography. They really worked out a lot of the tension between them (you know, since Olivia kiiiiind of stole Mellie’s husband), all over what we’re going to assume are bottles of wine. Their collaboration yielded what should be an incredibly telling book, but the six weeks it will take to get into stores could hurt Mellie. So instead, Olivia–actually, sorry, no one affiliated with Mellie at all, WINK–leaked pages to the press anyway.

Other revelations: Annabeth Gish is playing a reporter assigned to write a big profile on Fitz—and unabashedly hit on him in the process. Something that a respected and professional journalist would TOTALLY do. (Eyeroll.)

It’s looking like Elizabeth is having her boo, David Rosen, manipulate the Veep into running for President by tapping into the very obvious crush she has on him, and it seems that Cyrus has his sights set on helping another candidate: The bright-eyed Pennsylvania governor, who is—gasp!—totally a Democrat.

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How to Get Away with Murder

Over on HTGAWM, the team found out that someone took a video of them the night of the shooting, and Frank proved just how much he really does care for Laurel by giving up his biggest secret: he killed Lila. While we didn’t really get to see Laurel react to this news with anything other than stunned silence, that’s going to be a very interesting discussion next week. 

Of course, as hot as Frank and Laurel can sometimes be, they were not the focus this week. That honor went to flashbacks starring a very pregnant Annalise as she yelled at a different (but very similar) iteration of the Keating 5 (including Bonnie and Frank) and made plans to visit someone in Cleveland. 

Once there, she met up with a young woman who appears to be Christophe’s mother. The woman seemed to know Annalise, but didn’t realize she was a lawyer, and was shocked when Annalise pushed a file across the table with an article that read, “Hedge Fund Heir Charles Mahoney on Trial for Murder.” Pausing the episode and squinting a bit revealed that Mahoney was accused of killing his fiancee, Vickie Moran. 

The woman, who Annalise referred to as Rose, immediately got up as if to leave, but Annalise stopped her, telling her “I won’t let you get hurt, or your son.” 

Back in present day, that son was stuck in a psych ward after just trying to get some sleeping pills, and was forced to explain his rather messed up childhood to a psychiatrist, until the rest of the group “rescued” him. He arrived home to find an envelope containing all of Annalise’s info on the Mahoney case waiting for him, courtesy of Annalise. 

As for what Mahoney actually has to do with Wes, we’ll just have to wait for next week, which sometimes feels like the hardest thing in the world. 

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