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So long, Glenn. 

The 50 year-old dog groomer was the first to say good bye to the Big Brother house this season when he just narrowly missed being the first to grab his flag out of the ground after safely spelling out “SOS” with coconuts. 

It was down to Glenn and Corey after Nicole (phew!) grabbed her flag first, with Tiffany close behind. 

After some sad goodbyes to Glenn (who really should have stayed over his slightly dimmer cast mate), it was time to determine which of his three remaining teammates would be the first Head of Household. Neither Corey or Tiffany wanted it, and Nicole did, but she wanted to make it look like she didn’t, and it all worked out so that it looked like Nicole was making a big sacrifice to act as this week’s HOH. 

Of course, the other newbies (mainly Paul and Jozea) were less than thrilled, and wondered how on earth Corey let this happen. We think it might be because Corey’s either starting off a brilliant long game or he just really doesn’t know what’s going on. 

Either way, Nicole’s in charge, and she’s making sure a newbie goes home. 

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We do feel kind of bad for the fact that we were automatically rooting for the returnees as soon as they entered the house, but most of the newbies have just not made themselves very appealing. Jozea somehow thinks he’s the messiah of the house, despite no evidence to support his claims, and he even decided it was a good idea to tell this to Da’Vonne. 

Thus, he should not have been surprised to find himself up on the block, alongside returnee supporter (and strong competitor, and Cody’s brother, and apparent all around nice guy) Paulie. 

Hopefully, all goes to plan and Jozea is gone on Sunday, and then bearded yeller Paul goes soon after. 

Also: What the hell is Victor’s plan? Why would he tell Nicole the “pecking order?” Was he just testing to see if she’d be too distracted by his shirtlessness to even hear his words? We don’t understand you, Victor. We don’t understand you at all. 

Big Brother airs Wednesdays and Sundays at 8 p.m. and Thursdays at 9 p.m. on CBS. 

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