(Update)Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

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This 2 in 1 bluetooth device can be powerful,with built-in chargeable battery,you can enjoy stereo music freely.Carrying this transmitter/receiver on your car,enjoying wonderful music to relax yourself and pay more attention to your driving.

1.Receiving mode:
1.Please plug the audio cable of the headphone or speaker into the receiver port.
2.Press the power button for almost 10 seconds till with blue light flashes.
3.Open phone’s bluetooth function,search and click ‘Music Adapter’to pair with this receiver.
4.After paired successfully with the first headset,then short press the power button till with another blue light flashes,then pair with another phone.

2.Transmitting mode:
1.Please plug the audio cable into green transmitter port ,then plug the another end of this audio cable into TV’s audio port.
2.Power on the transmitter till with blue ligh flashes quickly.
3.Open your bluetooth headphone or bluetooth speakers,make sure your bluetooth device in pairing mode
4.Click the power button of the transmitter shortly to pair with the headphone
5.After pairred successfully,then the transmitter with 1 stable blue ligh and another blue ligh flashes,that means this transmitter had pairred with your headphone successfully.You can also pair the 2nd headphone with this transmitter when the 2nd blue light flashes.

Bluetooth version:V4.0
Bluetooth distance:10 m
Battery capacity:500 mah
Working time:10 hours
Charging port:Micro USB
Charging power:DC 5V
Charging time:2 hours
Audio input/output type:3.5MM audio cable/3.5MM RCA cable

What’s In The Box:
1 x Bluetooth 2-in-1 Adapter
1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 x 3.5mm RCA Female to 2 Male Cable
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual✔ This Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver can transmit 2 devices or receive 2 devices synchronously, that means you not only can transmit lossless sound music to two bluetooth headset, but also can enjoy music and movies with your most intimate person
✔ When powering on receiving mode,this device can make your normal devices into enable-bluetooth ones,when powering on transmission mode,this bluetooth device can transmit audio from non-bluetooth device to bluetooth headsets or speakers
✔ The newest high performance bluetooth core for CSR ,which can minimum the sound latency and transmit/receive high quality stream audio.With advanced solution for bluetooth 4.0,which can compatible with most bluetooth devices and pair with them quickly
✔ This bluetooth devices support the current voice transmission,you can hear the real voice from TV,movies and on-line computer games,which would bring you into great joy
✔ With small,lightweight and portable design,you can take this 2 in 1 transmitter/receiver anywhere,enjoying wonderful stereo music and clear streaming audio conveniently

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