The Queen’s Looking For a New Driver and Yes, It’s

von Seija Rankin |  Seija Rankin 19. Februar 2015 – 13:47

Go ahead and quit your day job, because we just found the perfect career.

None other than Queen Elizabeth is looking for someone to get paid to hang out with her all day, every day. Okay, so she’s actually hiring a driver, but it’s definitely closer to the Royal Family than most people can hope to get.

The basic job duties are: Driving, duh. But also maintaining the royal fleet of vehicles, planning driving routes, and being available five days a week for 48 hours total. Also, you’ll have to be able to keep your cool around the freaking Queen

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Of course, they’re not going to give this dream job to just any old schmuck. The Royal Household, which is advertising the job, would like candidates to be able to maintain calm under pressure, give strong attention to detail, have a full UK driving license, and have professional driving experience. But, we’re sure you can find some way to fudge that last part on your resumé.

The lucky candidate who gets selected for this position will also receive their fair share of job perks. For starters, the job offers a whopping 33 days of vacation and “on-site accommodation,” which we think means you’ll be roomies with Queen Elizabeth. When you’re driving, you’ll be able to enjoy the luxury of not following traffic laws like speed limits because, again, it’s the Queen. 

The Royal Household is, however, a little bit stingy with pay. The annual salary to be a chauffeur is only £24,00 (about $ 37,000 dollars), and that doesn’t include deductions for aforementioned on-site accommodations. But, you will get royally-prepared meals, and probably be privy to all sorts of Queen secrets. It’s a win-win. Apply here immediately.

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