Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump Celebrates First Legislative

CBS late-night star Stephen Colbert chewed on President Donald Trump’s first legislative victory, hours after Trump and “the nation’s Strategic White Guy Reserve” took a Rose Garden Victory Lap over House passage of its Trumpcare bill.

Under Obamacare, insurers were forced to cover certain essential services, including maternity, emergency and preventative services. Trumpcare allows states to waive these benefits and set up their own standards “Because people get sick differently in different states,” and ability to opt out of pre-existing conditions protection.  Some members of Congress argue this is no big deal, because no state would be nuts enough to actually try to opt out. “Have you met Florida?” Colbert asked those GOP members.

During the Rose Garden Victory Lap, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy praised trump saying he’s only “been through a few Presidents but I’ve never seen someone so hands-on.”

Colbert agreed, snarking that Trump already has volunteered to do all of Trumpcare’s mammograms.  “Based on a true story, that joke,” he smiled.

The Late Show host moved on to news the DOJ is prosecuting a woman for laughing out loud during AG Jeff Sessions confirmation hearings, which had gotten her arrested on a disruption charge.

She claims her laughter was a “reflex,” which is like Colbert’s gag reflex, “every time I say ‘President Tru –’,“  he gagged.

“We now live in a world where laughing at Jeff Sessions is a federal offense,” Colbert observed.

“So, for your own safety,  do not laugh at how much Jeff Sessions looks like my writer Mike’s brand new baby.” Ignoring his warning, his studio audience erupted over the side-by-side photos of Sessions and Mike’s Brand New Baby.

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