South Park‘s season of serialization came to an end; sadly Mr. Garrison/Donald Trump stand-in’s presidency did not appear to join it. On the bright side, the good folk of South Park did learn how easy it is to prompt Garrison/Trump to action by mocking him, though they could have learned that much quicker had they spoken to Lorne Michaels or Alec Baldwin.

In the season finale – oh, yeah, spoiler alerts – Cartman decided not to escape to Mars after discovering men do not have the upper hand there too; Kyle and Ike defied their mom to get all the kids together to save the world from certain destruction, and their dad from Danish trolls. TrollTrace went live just as Sheila logged on to check out Gerald’s on-line activity. The internet as we know it was evaporated and we get a do-over.

“And so, life goes on,” Kyle narrates. “The end of civilization didn’t happen… We been given a second chance…Maybe now boys and girls can learn to respect each other again, realize how careful our online lives have to be.

“Because we’ve all seen what happens when the Twitters, and Facebooks and trolls decide our reality,” Kyle says, as Trump stand-in Mr. Garrison is seen taking his desk in the Oval Office. “Now that we’ve been given a second chance, it’s up to all of us to see what we do with it,” Kyle adds.

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