Slaves will rap on their second album

Slaves will rap on their new album.

The duo – including Isaac Holman and Laurie Vincent – are famed for shouting their lyrics on hits like ‘Where’s Your Car Debbie’ but have revealed their second LP will be less punk than their 2015 debut ‘Are You Satisfied?’.

Singer Isaac told NME: ”I rapped before Slaves started and it’s good to do it with the band. I’ve carried on rapping on the side, doing bits here and there, so it’s nice to have room to do it in Slaves.”

The ‘Cheer Up London’ hitmakers are ready to release the record and think it will perform well in the charts because the new tracks have had a great response from the crowds at festivals so far.

Guitarist Laurie said: ”The new album is finished. It’s done.We’re finishing mixing and it’s coming out soon. People have been singing along to the new songs by the second chorus, which is the mark of a good song.”

He went on to say the record will be a mix of old and new material, from the band who formed in Kent in 2012.

Laurie added: ”It’s some very old Slaves, some last album Slaves, some new stuff. It’s a bit of everything. It’s more developed than the first album, there’s more of a landscape. It’s heavy, lyrically and how it sounds. Some of it is like how ‘Sugar Coated’ on the first album is really punky, although some is the total opposite.”

The album – which has not been named – will feature their tracks ‘Spit It Out’ and ‘Rich Man’ and a new track about their experience supporting Wolf Alice on tour.

Isaac teased: ”It’s about four characters we met with Wolf Alice – Terry, Tony, Sex Shop Worker and Mike. You’ll have to wait for the album for details.”

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