Pink’s 4-Year-Old Daughter Willow Proves She’s Way

von Mike Vulpo |  Michael Vulpo 25. Oktober 2015 – 16:12

Sorry mom, but dad’s career may be way cooler.

As Pink and Carey Hart‘s daughter continues to grow into a young girl, the four-year-old is already discovering the fun that comes with riding a motorcycle.

In a new video captured by Hart, Willow headed outside with a helmet and proper gear before riding a bike suitable for her age. As followers quickly find out, she definitely has some mighty fine motor skills behind the wheel.

“Willz ripping her electric bike,” Hart revealed on Instagram Saturday afternoon. “Says she likes it better than her dirt bike cause it’s faster lol.”

He added, “Time to take her to the Moto track. And she is off. @foxheadinc.”

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Hart is regarded as one of the most recognized faces in all of freestyle motocross. According to his Facebook page, his father bought Hart his first motocross bike when he was four years old. What started out as a pastime quickly turned into a passion.

Before you speculate about Pink’s reaction, we already know how she feels about the situation. She’s totally fine that her daughter doesn’t want to follow in mom’s musical footsteps.

“I think she’s more into motorcycles at this point,” the “True Love” crooner told E! News. “Motorcycles and skateboarding. I’m super into it.”

She continued, “No music, not unless she’s really talented.”

While Willow may have a liking to the fun rides, that won’t stop her from spending quality time with mom. Whether walking red carpets or cooking together, these two make quite the dynamic duo.

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