Pamela Anderson Explains Why She Keeps Her Heartthrob Sons Away

von Peanut Alvarez-Mena |  Peanut Alvarez-Mena 21. September 2015 – 18:38

Pamela Anderson is trying her best to keep her two handsome sons, Dylan and Brandon, out of the spotlight. But, why?

Well, during her visit to the set of the Today show this morning to promote her new book Raw, she dished to Willie Geist about why she and former husband Tommy Lee decided to raise their two kids far away from the Hollywood limelight.

“They have to make their own choices for the rest of their lives,” Anderson said. “And it wouldn’t be their own choice if we were dragging them down red carpets.”

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The Baywatch star also explained the story of how she brought Brandon to a red carpet event right before he turned 19, which caused an overwhelming frenzy of attention.

And truth be told, when the proud mama took the high school senior to the premiere of The Gunman at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live, everyone noticed.

Anderson, while blushing, did admit to raising two handsome young men and said that she does her best to remind them that there are far more important things than looks out there.

She told Geist that she constantly tells her sons, “You’re gorgeous, you’re talented, now let’s work on the humbleness and education.”

Sounds like some great advice!

In an industry where we see too many kids grow up way too soon, we commend Pamela for “shielding them from the craziness of Hollywood” as she says in her book. But with two lookers like hers, that might be a tough battle to win.

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