Orphan Black’s New Season 3 Clone “Scarface”

von Tierney Bricker |  Tierney Bricker 10. Januar 2015 – 12:00

It’s clone vs. clone on Orphan Black in season three. And. We. Can’t. Wait. 

Reporters at the 2015 Winter TCA Press Tour were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the intense sitdown between Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) and Rudy, one of new clone Ari Millen‘s three characters, from the BBC America hit’s season three premiere. Warning: you will get some serious goosebumps. Why? “You’re a legend,” Rudy tells Sarah, while she fires back, “You’re a myth.” 

It’s a twisted game of cat-and-mouse, which shows off just how volatile and dangerous Rudy, also known as “Scarface,” is, who makes some threats against special people in Sarah’s life.

Why the “Scarface” nickname? Just check out the creepily epic photo from season three above and you’ll know why. “This guy is probably a little unhinged, a little crazy,” Millen said of Rudy. “The one thing that you can say about Rudy is that he likes to get under people’s skin and he will just dig and pick and pick at you until you blow up and then he’s won. Then you get a smile.”

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During the panel, co-creator and executive producer John Fawcett revealed it was “always part of our original plan, from the very, very beginning,” to introduce Project Castor and the male clone faction. But were unsure of who would be the face of the new characters, even after casting Millen early in season two as his character Mark originally had an expiration date.

“We were going to kill him and it was kind of an organic process, deciding who was going to be the face of Project Castor and it was partway through season two that we had our answer,” Fawcett explained. 

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Tackling multiple roles is no easy task, especially when you are following in the footsteps of the stellar Maslany, who makes handling more than six characters look like cake-walk. So did Millen turn to the show’s leading lady for any tips? 

“The greatest tip that Tat gave me was basically just watching [her],” he said, citing the filming of the now-infamous Clone Club dance party as a prime example. When asked what it’s like to have another actor play a clone, Maslany gushed about Millen (and revealed they had done improv together in high school!) before admitting, “It’s amazing for me…it gave me a chance to have some three-day weekends.” 

But will Orphan Black have a clone cut-off point? Fawcett decided not to say if Maslany and Millen will be the only actors asked to multiply. (File this one under: things that make us go hm….)

Orphan Black returns Saturday, April 18 on BBC America.

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