Meghan Trainor Appears Digitally Slimmed-Down In Images By

Meghan Trainor, whose hit single “All About That Bass” celebrates curvy figures and berates the media for photoshopping women’s bodies, appears digitally slimmed down in photos sent out by the clothing line Ted Baker.

Trainor appeared conspicuously skinnier in photos released Monday by the company than in shots available from Getty Images showing the voluptuous singer in a pencil skirt by Ted Baker at a recent red carpet event. Yahoo Beauty and other outlets reported.

Trainor looked thinned-out look because of the editing process to format the pictures in press release email, a Ted Baker representative claimed in a typo-laced statement to Yahoo.

“Our LA based agency did not Photoshop or intentionally alter images in anyway [sic]. We are absolutely mortified by this story as we hold our relationship with Trainor in high regard and we are thrilled that she is a loyal fan of Ted Baker,” a company spokesperson wrote. “[…] Multiple low resolution images of the singer in a Ted Baker pencil skirt were imbedded [sic] in an email pitch. The photos were cropped and reduced in size in order to fit into the email and were not intended to be published in this watermarked format.”

Trainor and Ted Baker didn’t respond to The Huffington Post’s inquiries.

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