Lena Dunham Talks Fashion in New “Women in Clothes” Book

Posted Friday September 26, 2014 1:33 PM GMT

It’s no secret that she loves to take sartorial risks whenever possible, and Lena Dunham is featured in a new book called “Women in Clothes” by Sheila Heti.

The “Girls” actress states that it’s important to dress in apparel that you “don’t have to tug at,” favoring the proper size and fit over whatever is trendy at the moment.

Dunham also insists that ladies keep their clothing clean and fresh, noting that a stain is equivalent to “a big fat sign reading YOU GUYS, I’M FALLING APART.”

And when it comes to the benefits of caring about what you wear, Lena champions “a feeling that no one else could have put on what you’re wearing that day because it sprang forth from your unique neon mind.”

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