Kerry Katona’s marriage worries

Kerry Katona sometimes feels as though her marriage is ”in trouble”.

The Atomic Kitten singer and her husband George Kay have been spotted rowing in public recently and the 34-year-old star – who has children Molly, 13, Lilly-Sue, 12, Heidi, eight, and Max, seven, from previous relationships, as well as 12-month-old Dylan-Jorge with George – admits things have been strained between them because of rows about cash.

In an interview in OK! magazine, she said: ”Things have been tough lately. Finances, five kids, me going off on tour – it all builds up.

”George has been offered a job that would mean him working away from home. I don’t want him to take it as we’ll never see each other.

”The rows are mainly about money. It’s hard having five kids and we have to exist under a strict control.

”Some days it does feel like our marriage is in trouble, but do you know what? IT’s the first year of marriage and they say the first year is the toughest.”

Kerry – whose bankrupt status places restrictions on her finances – admits she is very ”stubborn” and the couple find it hard to resolve their rows.

She said: ”I’m pretty stubborn. I find it hard to get over things. I will be in a mood for a while and George will do something daft.

”I won’t back down. Not that there’s anything for me to back down from!”

Though Kerry insists she’d be able to cope if she and George were to part ways, she knows another break-up in her life would upset her kids.

She said ”I had been on my own before I met George. I have coped with four kids [alone] so it’s not a problem.

”[George and the kids] absolutely idolise each other. I think they would be totally gutted.

”[But] they’re not all his kids. I would never stay with somebody because of the kids. If I’m unhappy, my kids can tell and that makes an unhappy home.”

However, the ‘Whole Again’ hitmaker admits she would be ”devastated” if her marriage ends.

She said: ”I would be devastated. I would be absolutely heartbroken if we split up and I would never date again. I think I would become a lesbian!

”If it didn’t work out with George I would never get in a serious relationship ever again.”

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