JK Rowling Brands Donald Trump ‘Worse’ Than

Harry Potter author Jk Rowling has labeled presidential candidate Donald Trump worse than fictional villain Lord Voldemort. Rowling’s comments came after Trump’s campaign issued a statement calling on Muslims being banned from entering the US.

JK RowlingJK Rowling has said Donald Trump is worse than Voldemort.

Responding to a BBC article titled, ‘Why people are calling American businessman Donald Trump Voldemort,’ Rowling tweeted: ‘How horrible. Voldemort was nowhere near as bad.’ The tweet has so far received over 59,000 retweets and 54,000 likes.

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Trump has received extensive backlash after his campaign issued a statement proclaiming: “Donald Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

On twitter some had begun comparing him to the Harry Potter villain, with one user writing: ‘My theory is that Trump is Voldemort & if the media stops saying his name, Harry Potter will come destroy him. America will be great again.’

Another shared, ‘Somehow, Voldemort managed to be less cartoonishly evil than Trump despite being a cartoon evil guy.’

However some found the comparisons to be unfair, to Voldemort that is. ‘Voldemort was NOT an idiot villain. Don’t compare him to Trump,’ one user tweeted. Another added: ‘ President Voldemort sounds a lot better than President Trump at this point.’

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After his campaign issued the statement, Trump himself repeated the comments at a rally in South Carolina on Monday. “We have no idea who is coming into our country, no idea if they like us or hate us,” Trump told his supporters. “I wrote something today that is very salient…and probably not very politically correct. But I don’t care.”

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