Jillian Michaels Reacts to Botched Pants: ”What the

Jillian Michaels definitely didn’t hold back her emotions on Tuesday’s episode of Just Jillian.

On the latest episode of the show, the E! star hilariously threw shade at everything from her assistant Nichole‘s car to a pair of pants to her daughter Lukensia‘s homework!

Did you miss the episode? Well if you did don’t worry, because we’re breaking down all of the most LOL-worthy moments from Tuesday’s episode in the recap below!

Check out all of the hilarious moments you missed!

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1. Jillian Can’t Stand Messy Cars:

When Jillian’s car is unavailable, she has to go in her assistant’s car, which is a mess.

“Seriously this is your car?” Jillian asks Nichole when she sees her car.

Jillian then calls Nichole’s car a “s–tbox.” LOL, sorry Nichole!


Jillian is sent a pair of sample pants for her Kmart line, Impact By Jillian Michaels. But when she sees the pants, she’s less than pleased.

“What the f–k is? What the f–k is this?!” Jillian asks.

Jillian then says it looks like Nichole “designed the clothing line.”

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3. S–tbox Out, Audi In:

After having to drive in Nichole’s car, Jillian decides it’s time to get her an upgrade. So Jillian surprises Nichole an Audi!

“I never ever want to be in your s–tbox again,” Jillian tells Nichole.

4. Jillian Asks Heidi About Her Softcore Porno:

Jillian reveals that she found out Heidi did a “softcore porn in college” and she’s “desperate to get it.” Jillian says she wants to play it “at her parent’s wedding anniversary.”

When Jillian calls Heidi to ask her about the porno Heidi tells her, “Oh God it wasn’t a softcore porn!”

“Wasn’t there like somebody playing a plumber or something?” Jillian asks.

“Um no he was the computer repair man,” Heidi says.

“And whip cream correct?” Jillian asks.

“Yeah,” Heidi says.

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5. Nichole Messes Up:

After Jillian gives Nichole a new car, Nichole messes up on the job. Nichole forgets to book Lu’s ticket to and from NYC and then she didn’t listen to Jillian’s hotel room request. Yikes!

Nichole realizes she’s made a bunch of mistakes and says, “I’m gonna basically be Jillian Michaels’ bitch until she’s happy with me again.”

6. Jillian Attempts to Help Lukensia With Her Homework:

Lu makes it to NYC with Jillian and when Jillian’s not in meetings the two spend time together exploring the city. The two also attempt to do a homework assignment together but it doesn’t turn out as well as they planned. 

When Jillian and Lu mess up on the assignment, Jillian says she’s “furious.”

“I’m 40, I don’t understand how to play this game!” Jillian says.


After seeing the pants that were designed for her clothing line, Jillian has a meeting with the partner company that she works with to produce the clothes. Jillian wants to makes sure that she’s the one deciding what the clothes look like, since her name is on the clothes!

“Sometimes you do need to get out the bazooka and let people know, ‘Hey don’t f–k with me, stop f–king with me or I’m gonna pull out the bazooka.'”

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