Jeanette Winterson, author of Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, The Stone Gods and The Daylight Gates, among other books, caused a stir on Twitter with a gruesome recent  post. In short, Winterson wreaked bloody revenge on a rabbit. Then she posted pictures. Vegetarians, read with caution.

To cement her argument, Winterson later posted photos of her destroyed roses and sprout plants. Followers still sent out the severe threat of unfollowing her.  


When a rabbit attacked her garden, Winterson wasn’t about to stand idly by. So she killed it, skinned it and ate it. Whatever happened to the punishment, fitting the crime? Winterson posted photos of the rabbit carcass, being skinned and cooked (with cider, rosemary and thyme) and added: “Rabbit ate my parsley. I am eating rabbit.” She even showed her cat eating the bunny’s entrails. Winterson, a former vegetarian, pointed out the benefits of killing your own food – no packaging, food miles, no processing or waste. The satisfaction of righteous anger must be an added bonus.

While some asked for the recipe, others were less receptive of Winterson’s direct approach, branding it “gross” and adding “#meatismurder” and “Rest in peace little rabbit.”

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