Jamie Lee Curtis Went Incognito at Evo 2015 by Dressing as Vega

von Natalie Finn |  Natalie Finn 18. Juli 2015 – 17:59

Activia is doing Jamie Lee Curtis‘ body good. And it doesn’t seem to be hurting her sense of whimsy, either!

The Halloween goddess attended fight-game tournament extravaganza Evo 2015 in Las Vegas this weekend with hubby Christopher Guest and their two kids, but they either didn’t want to cause a stir with their famous faces or they’re just that into gaming. (Who knew?!)

So they went in costume, of course!

“Grad trip to @evo2k. 2 stay incognito was Vega who wears a mask. @StreetFighter family. DJ, Dr. Bosconovich, Makoto,” Curtis shared a pic after the fam had pulled off their covert op.

Guess the celebrity Halloween costume!

Mask-wearing, claw-wielding Vega appears in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, while the muscled Dee Jay debuted in Super Street Fighter II, Dr. Bosconovitch is from Tekken and Makoto first showed up in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

So the fantastic foursome had their lore bases covered. We can’t wait to see what they come up with on actual Halloween!

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First, however, we’ll see Curtis co-starring on Fox’s Scream Queens, premiering Sept. 22. And we know creator Ryan Murphy is going to give his leading ladies some scenery to chew on, so perhaps another Emmy nomination is in the original scream queen’s future…

In the meantime, Curtis took to Twitter this week to congratulate some of her Hollywood peers on their much-deserved nominations: “

“Thrilled 4 @NiecyNash @mgyllenhaal @MsSarahPaulson @JoFroggattshowing grace under pressure, brilliance in complex subjects. Got Talent?” she wrote, adding, “And @MsKathyBates @ImAngelaBassett women doing great work. Proud 2 b working at a time where so many wonderful actresses r getting 2 shine!”

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