Is Orlando Bloom Just That Hot? A Closer Look at the Heartthrob

Orlando Bloom‘s relationship with Katy Perry has taken a turn for the official.

After many rumored date nights over the course of several months, the handsome couple caught an Adele concert and then last weekend flew to Hawaii, from where they happily missed out on the Oscars craziness unfolding in Los Angeles and instead spent the time hiking and enjoying low-key dinners.

“They are a very chill pair…They both communicate great and laugh when they are around each other,” a source told E! News last week.

Makes perfect sense! But when Bloom first started spending a fair amount of time with the single-again pop star, it was then we realized that the British star, without making a big fuss, had become a bit of a ladies’ man.

Either that or he’s just the best guy pal to hang out with.

Not that he hasn’t always been a lady magnet, and we don’t even mean to imply that he’s turned into some sort of Lothario post-split from Miranda Kerr. It’s more that, on first glance, he might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but on second…

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More tea, please!

Let’s take a closer look at the 39-year-old actor’s enduring appeal and figure out together why he’s that appealing:

1. Typecasting: It’s only fitting that this gent from the storied English city of Canterbury has won more armor, sandles, and cloaks and carried more swords and quivers than anyone who actually lived in medieval times. How was Orlando Bloom ever going to avoid being labeled a heartthrob, considering how loaded his CV is with swashbuckling, heroism and lionhearted action?

The pale, platinum-haired, Elf Legolas in Lord of the Rings might not have been an obvious babe, but all it took was a few steely bull’s-eyes and all of a sudden the indefatigable warrior shot to the top of fans’ lists as the yummiest of them all. One hunk to rule them all. Etc.

He’s been Legolas six times, in three LOTR and two Hobbit movies; played the swashbuckling hero Will Turner in what will be four Pirates of the Caribbean movies when the next one comes out; gone to battle as Paris in Troy and Balian de Ibelin in Kingdom of Heaven; swaggered as a duke in The Three Musketeers; wooed as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet on Broadway and tried his best to save Elizabethtown.

How were people not supposed to fall in love?

2. He’s also a swashbuckler in real life: Sure, Bloom’s fist didn’t actually manage to make contact with Justin Bieber‘s face, as eyewitnesses insisted he intended, that time in Ibiza (where Bloom was having dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio and apparently picking his brain about how to live the Leo life). And fighting is macho and stupid and never the answer. But the world was entirely on his side anyway! Bloom’s silly move was all about honor and defending the reputation of one’s lady (or ex-lady), and his air-punch made enough of a cultural impact that Stephen Colbert was compelled to explain it. So he can’t help being an actual warrior.

3. He’s got moves for days: The revelation that Bloom is the hugest dork on the dance floor only furthered his appeal, in our opinion. Nothing like a guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously. (No wonder Perry picked him as a dance partner after the Golden Globes last month.)

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4. He actually seems like a rather lovely guy: Obviously the word of the day is swoon, and this isn’t going to help you recover in any way. Bloom, who is a doting father to son Flynn with ex-wife Kerr (who’s now dating Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel), said this to Elle during a December 2013 interview: “‘The goal of men and the world should be to make all mothers happy.’ Women, as mothers of the earth, deserve the utmost respect. If the goal is to make all mothers happy, we won’t go too far wrong.” And Kerr raved about her ex on Good Morning America, calling him “a great dad” and saying she was lucky to have him in her life.

5. Even when he’s not hot he’s adorable: Which is the true test of hotness.

6. That unfair guy thing is happening to him: Bloom’s only getting better looking with age, case in point.

7-10: More proof is simply in the pictures: Casual and at ease.

The most-wanted seal of approval in showbiz.

Anatomy of a heartthrob.

Any questions?

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