I Ate Like Kourtney Kardashian for a Day So You Don’t Have

Carrie, Kourtney, Yeezus Hat


I did what some may believe to be the impossible. I downloaded her app, threw on my Yeezus hat, tied a flannel around my waist, unnecessarily wore a jean jacket over my shoulders, and ate like Kourtney Kardashian for one day. 

It started with a trip to Erewhon in Calabasas, because where Kourtney shops, I had to shop. I wasn’t messing around with this challenge. 

The first item on the menu was Ghee. According to her app, Ghee “is made by simmering local, grass-fed, organic, unsalted butter and allowing the liquid to evaporate, leaving a caramelized substance with a nutty flavor. It is also popular among those who are lactose intolerant because its dairy impurities have been removed.”

Remember that famous moment when Kourtney is at lunch on KUWTK and says “I would rather die.” I’m just going to leave you with that memory as you watch me try my cup of Ghee. 

After Ghee, I ventured into the world of Avocado Pudding. Kourt (yes we are on a nickname basis, don’t judge) dubs this one “a power meal in a cup” and I totally felt powerful after. On her app, she explains that two out of her three kids love this recipe and I mean it’s obviously Mason and Reign. Reign because he thinks it’s baby food, and watch below to find out why I think Mason loves it! 

Lunch was a breath of fresh air, let me tell you that much. It felt good to crunch on something again, you know? A girl’s gotta eat. I went to the infamous HealthNut in Woodland Hills where the girls are always getting those giant clear bowls of salad on the show. And honestly I felt like they were judging me hardcore because I walked in clearly dressed as close to a Kardashian as possible and ordered EXACTLY what they order. But, this isn’t their first rodeo either. 

Also this happened while I was there! 

Sugarfish was my epic Kourtney dinner! Now I am a huge fan of sushi, but when I say sushi I’m referring to Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice and mounds of Ginger drenched in Soy Sauce covering a Shrimp Tempura Roll. I never venture into Sashimi territory. 

Oh, but for this challenge, I did. And it wasn’t flattering. 

Minus the Ghee and slimy Shrimp, this day wasn’t all that different from a normal day for me, which leads me to one question: Am I Kardashian yet? 

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