With just a few days to go before the CW’s biggest superhero crossover event yet, the network has dropped a full-length trailer for “Heroes and Aliens.” And it’s good. In fact, stop reading this and watch the trailer above now.

Based on the somewhat-obscure DC Comics characters the Dominators, “Heroes and Aliens” brings together the expanding casts from all four of its superhero series to fight off an invasion by aliens bent on destroying the people of Earth. That means villains and heroes alike, as seen by always-game Dominic Purcell as Heat Wave. The four-part miniseries begins Monday night on Supergirl as the Woman of Steel encounters the Dominators, and continues with Tuesday’s episode of The Flash, Wednesday’s Arrow and Thursday’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Created in 1967 by Jim Shooter for DC’s long-running anthology series Adventure Comics, the Dominators are members of the alien empire known as the Dominion, a rigid caste society in which social status is denoted by the size of a red circle on one’s forehead. Emotionless and calculating, Dominators are masters of genetic manipulation who seek to enhance their abilities to aid in their conquests. Used sparingly after their debut, they were brought back for a three-part miniseries called Invasion in 1989. The CW previously announced plans to draw inspiration from artist Todd MacFarlane’s version of the Dominators in that miniseries.

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