Deadpool wasn’t just a surprise hit – $750 million + on a $50 million budget – it was also a surprise critical hit, a rare genre film, and superhero genre at that, that people fell over themselves to praise. Deadpool turns out to be the comic book movie even squares like, to the point that it was nominated for best picture, comedy or musical at the Globes (losing, unsurprisingly, to La La Land), and this week was nominated for the PGA’s equivalent of Best Picture prompting many to ask if it might end up getting a non-technical Oscar nomination.

Maybe, maybe not, but continuing the tradition of mocking all of the accolades thrown at the film, Ryan Reynolds tonight tweeted out a For Your Consideration video for Deadpool. Narrated by Reynolds, the clip notes the film’s magical unicorns, broken fourth wall, assless chaps, chimichangas and so on. If you’re reading this and also, unlike me, are an actual Oscar voter, were you swayed? Will you be voting Deadpool in all major categories? No seriously, I’d love to know if that happens. Clearly the Deadpool team are rather unconvinced they’ll be nominated but at least we can all agree that magical unicorns are perfect. Right?

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