Happy Birthday, Danielle Fishel! 10 Life Lessons We Learned From

von Lindsey Caldwell |  Lindsey Caldwell 5. Mai 2015 – 19:27

It’s hard to believe that Tuesday marks 15 years since Boy Meets World was on TV. And that star Danielle Fishel happens to have turned 34 on the same day!

Not only did the TGIF sitcom teach us 90’s kids all about life, but it also imparted the hope that, somewhere out there, there’s a Cory or a Topanga for every one of us.

So in honor of Topanga, er, Danielle’s birthday, and the Boy Meets World anniversary, we’ve compiled 10 life lessons we learned from that late, great series:

Boy Meets World: Where are they now?

1.   The importance of friendship:

2. Anyone can be your family:

3. What true love looks like:

4. How to embrace your inner weirdness:

5. Always respect your elders:

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6. Life isn’t always easy:

7. So, sometimes you just need to dance:

8. How to be yourself:

9. Life is short, eat pizza:

….and finally…

10. Believe in yourself. Dream. Try. Do good:

Boy Meets World: Where are they now?


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