Golden Globe Gown Predictions from the Spring 2015 Collections

von Cinya Burton |  Cinya Burton 5. Januar 2015 – 13:28

‘Tis the season!

No, not that time of year, the next best thing: Awards season.

Right now as you read this, red carpets are being rolled out, spray tans are being applied and—most importantly—gorgeous gowns are recieving some last-minute tailoring for Hollywood’s elite.

But before those top secret fittings comes the even more hush-hush selection process. And while we’re not actually involved in, well, any of the dress picking, we like to pretend we are.

Yes, it’s time for another round of our favorite game: Guess the gown. In it, we’re predicting what we hope stars will wear come Sunday night at the 2015 Golden Globes. And this time all of our wish list dresses come straight from the Spring 2015 collections.

So click through our gallery below and let us know how you think we did as make believe stylists. 

2015 Golden Globe gown predictions

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