Fergie and Josh Duhamel’s Son Axl Just Won Monday Night

von Mike Vulpo |  Michael Vulpo 14. September 2015 – 19:53

We have a winner for football night in America!

No, it’s not the Minnesota Vikings or the San Francisco 49ers who faced each other Monday evening. Instead, the trophy should totally go to one famous son of a beloved Hollywood couple.

Shortly before kickoff, Josh Duhamel took to social media where he shared a new picture of baby Axl. Let’s just say the two-year-old may be rooting for Adrian Peterson and the guys in purple all season long.

“SKOL Vikings!!” Duhamel wrote on Instagram as his son wore warrior horns in purple and yellow team colors.

While we’d hate to cause some football drama, we’re awfully curious to know what Fergie thinks of the shot.  

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Last season, the sport’s fan decided to dress Axl in head-to-toe Miami Dolphins apparel in honor of mommy’s favorite team.

“This is what happens when daddy’s team plays mommy’s team,” the “L.A. Love” singer wrote on Twitter. “GoFins! #SundayFootball @MiamiDolphins @Vikings @JoshDuhamel.”

Putting football teams aside, Duhamel is proud to admit that he is the man responsible for his son’s sharp fashion sense all week long. Whether rocking bold-face sunglasses on his birthday or getting dressed up in a fancy Armani suit, Axl is turning into quite the handsome boy.

“Well, he’s a boy,” Josh recently joked to E! News when asked which parent picks out Axl’s clothes for the day. “I want to make sure he looks like a boy, and not a member of a boy band.”

Now if only he could make Axl a full-time Vikings fan. We have a feeling that he’s working on it slowly but surely.

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