Ellen DeGeneres Tricks Julia Roberts Into Selling Sex Toys

Julia Roberts, Ellen DeGeneres

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Julia Roberts could sell an icebox to an Eskimo.

Because the actress plays a Home Shopping Network host in the upcoming movie Mother’s Day (in theaters Friday), Ellen DeGeneres asked her to play a game of “Pitch, Please” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday. Roberts had to hawk products that were hidden to her but visible to the audience. Items included a blindfold, furry handcuffs, leather handcuffs and cat o’ nine tails.

Roberts was up for the challenge. “I think everyone should have one of these. It is versatile. It is hypoallergenic. It comes in a variety of sizes, and Mother’s Day is around the corner,” she said, not wanting “to brag” about how many she owns. When she wears some of the items, she feels “really empowered, and just ready for any kind of challenge. I feel part of things, like I do now. I don’t feel in any way isolated.” Roberts said she will wear them to play tennis—”if the weather is nice”—or “around the house” when she’s cooking or “watching a movie with my husband.”

When DeGeneres showed her the items, Roberts howled with laughter. “Oh, my God!” she said.

During Thursday’s appearance, DeGeneres also asked the actress about George Clooney, her co-star with in the upcoming movie Money Monster. “George is so enormously popular that I don’t always enjoy going out to dinner with him. Because everybody wants to talk to George, and I have a tendency when a bunch of us go out to dinner to go home early,” she admitted. “I also like to go to bed early. And he always shouts ‘Quitter!’ as I am leaving the restaurant.”

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