Drake’s Mom Sets the Record Straight on Her Son’s

von Mike Vulpo |  Mike Vulpo 28. Dezember 2014 – 15:40

Let’s face it, Drake appears to be quite the sensitive guy.

Whether delivering emotional lyrics on songs like “Hold On, We’re Going Home” or posting sulky selfies on Instagram, the 28-year-old has developed a thoughtful persona that can’t seem to disappear.

In search of a different perspective, Drake decided to ask his mom for her thoughts on the subject. As it turns out, she had a lot to say.

“It’s not that you cry at all,” she explained in an Instagram video while cleaning the dishes. “I’ve never seen you cry on stage or even when the two of us are just together.”

So why do people continue to envision a crying, upset Drake?

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“They don’t think you cry,” she added. “They would imagine that you would be a person that may cry because you are a sensitive soul.”

Awww, what a sweet mama!

Come to think of it, Drake doesn’t have much to be upset over.

In the past year alone, the rapper toured with Lil Wayne, hit the music studio with Chris Brown and even hosted the 2014 ESPY Awards.

For someone who “Started From the Bottom,” we think he’s landed higher than he could have ever imagined.   

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