“They’re very hostile. These are very hostile people. These are very angry people,” President Donald Trump told Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity of the media. Interviewing Trump tonight, Hannity said, “The New York Times, CNN, NBC, they’ve used the word ‘liar’ to describe you, as it relates, if you’re talking about crowd size.”

“They also colluded against you in a campaign,” Hannity continued. “And my question to you is — “
“They’re very dishonest people,” interrupted Trump, who wasn’t finished with his thought. “The media is very dishonest. I’ve been saying it. I say it openly.”

“I said journalism is dead. So we agree,” said the Fox News Channel personality.
“Never dead,” Trump disagreed.”But they’re very dishonest people, in many cases,” Trump conceded. “You have some very honest ones. But I get stories that are so false and so dishonest.”

“Martin Luther King’s bust?” Hannity mentioned, helpfully. (In a White House pool report about Trump’s first actions after being sworn in, Time magazine journalist Zeke Miller had reported that the bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office. Miller corrected the report minutes later, explaining the bust had been obscured by a door and a Secret Service agent. White House press secretary Sean Spicer called it “a reminder of the media danger of tweet first, check facts later.”)

“That’s a very serious change,” Trump told Hannity tonight. “Because they’re not saying the bust was taken out. What they’re saying is that I’m a racist.”

“When it was revealed that it was wrong, it wasn’t even a story. Nobody even knows it.”

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