Donald Trump might today be looking back on that weirdly “unintelligible” Associated Press interview Sunday with a bit of nostalgia: As Seth Meyers made clear in his Late Night monologue last night, the President was all too intelligible in his odd pronunciation of the word “Nazis” during a speech at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

After showing the clip, in which the president, who gives at least some outward appearance of reading his speech for the first time, demands that “humanity never, ever forgets the Nazis…” Meyers accurately describes Trump’s pronunciation as a rhyme for Fozzy, the Muppet.

“Is it weird that I’m a little relieved he doesn’t know how to say Nazi?,” Meyers asks, then, adopting an English accent, says Trump’s pronunciation sounds like British slang for sex. (Ok, it’s a funnier joke with the accent).

The monologue includes some other topics – airline travel, Hug a Plumber Day, Nordstrom’s $425 muddy jeans – but the Trump bit is a hard act to follow. Take a look above.

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