CNN’s Don Lemon slammed Bill O’Reilly on Tuesday after the Fox News host tweeted that Lemon refused to cover allegations about former National Security Adviser Susan Rice and the “unmasking” story.

“False. I did not refuse to cover the story,” Lemon tweeted. “But I did cover your sexual harassment allegations. Did you?”

On Monday, Lemon covered Rice and the Obama administration, telling viewers of his CNN Tonight show, “There is no evidence whatsoever that the Trump team was spied on illegally. There is no evidence that backs up the president’s original claim … And on this program tonight we will not insult your intelligence by pretending otherwise, nor will we aid and abet the people who are trying to misinform you, the American people, by creating a diversion.”

O’Reilly then tweeted that Lemon “refuses to cover Susan Rice,” but the Fox News host, who is facing his own sexual harassment allegations, was struck back by Lemon calling him out for not talking about the controversy that is surrounding him.

On Sunday, word got out that O’Reilly and Fox paid a total of $13 million in settlements against five women who said O’Reilly had either sexually harassed or verbally abused them. Since then, 21 companies have pulled advertisements from his show and on his return Monday, he made no mention of the allegations.

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